What Is An Obsession Story And Why Should You Care If You Want A Hot Girlfriend?

Obsession stories.   Ever heard of them?

Woman In Lingerie Laying On A BedI hadn’t either until I started getting sick and tired of not getting the girl I wanted.  All I wanted was to get a hot girlfriend in college.  Dozens of rejections later, I was still single.  Eventually, I had enough and that’s what led me to the Girlfriend Activation System and a man named Christian Hudson.

I’ll get back to Christian in a minute, but let’s talk some more about the female obsession story.

As it turns out, every woman has these “obsession stories” programmed into her DNA.  Better yet, when one of these stories is activated, it drives a woman to obsess over the man who activates it.

It might seem far-fetched at first, but it’s really not.  The romance novel industry has known about obsession stories for quite some time.  In 2013, they took advantage of this phenomenon to the tune of $1.08 billion!  And that number keeps rising.

The romance novel industry learned how to activate a woman’s obsession story to sell millions of books (think Fifty Shades of Grey).  But what Christian did was even better.  He expanded on the idea and figured out how any guy can use a woman’s obsession story to turn her into his loyal, loving girlfriend.

When you’re the guy who activates her obsession story, you never have to worry about a hot girl putting you in the “friend zone”.  Instead, she starts doing things like hanging on your every word, pressing her body against yours, leaning in to touch you, holding your hand and grabbing your arm, or texting you late at night telling you how much she misses you and can’t stop thinking about you.

It’s not difficult to learn, and once you do, it makes a huge difference in your dating life.  After you find the girl you really want and active her obsession story, all you need to do is follow these steps to make a girl your girlfriend.  Then, it’s game on!

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